Lorrie Conglose is an internationally recognized yoga teacher, having trained students from around the world.  Her classes incorporate the physical, mystical and spiritual aspects of yoga.  Linking breathwork with movement, the essence and origin of yoga is present throughout each class.  She gently encourages each student to go inside, listen to their bodies, under acheive, and at the same time, not give into the first inclination that the mind gives you that you can’t do something.  Each class is interwoven with breathing, alignment, medition, visualization, prayer and intention.   Bringing a beautiful sacredness to her classes students experience deep healing and empowerment.

Lorrie received the title of Yoga Siromani by Bharata, a senior disciple of Swami Vishnu Devananda.  She has studied yoga at the Sivananda Ashrams in India, the Bahamas and New York.  After a severe back injury which had left her with extensive nerve and muscle damage Lorrie used her yoga practice to heal both physically and emotionally.   Lorrie is also a licensed massage therapist, certified in Reiki, Thai Yoga, and experienced in aromatherapy, relaxation imagery and pain management through breath work.  She has worked as a Holistic Therapist for hospice, and has taught yoga extensively to children, adults, seniors and individuals with disabilities.

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