Valle de Bravo, Mexico

A Yoga Weekend for Healing and Transformations

Heal Yourself and Transform the World

As You Change, the World around you Changes


Saturday and Sunday

February 2nd – 3rd, 2013


This year is a new start, a time for movement, time to let go of old patterns and to create consciously with love. Join us for this retreat into your center and discover your true self through the practice of yoga, meditation techniques and a series of deep heart opening workshops.  A relaxing and healing weekend surrounded by the tranquility of the forest in beautiful and peaceful Valle de Bravo.


The weekend is full of activities especially designed to connect you with your inner peace and experience your true nature.


Aroma Yoga

Heart Centered Yoga with Aromatherapy


A series of gentle stretches, breath work and relaxation with essentials oils

Yoga Nidra


A state of conscious extreme relaxation and subtler spiritual exploration.

Sunset Metta Meditation

Giant Buddha Statue and Sunset

Buddhist Practice of Loving Kindness Meditation

Walking Meditation


Connect with earth energy, ground yourself and embrace the force of nature

The Four Chambered Heart Workshop


A balanced heart is  Full, Open, Clear, Strong  versus being half hearted, closed, unsure and weak or fearful.  Release old patterns and behaviors that keep you from your True Self.

Asanas for Empowerment and Healing


This practice of yoga postures and Pranayama (breathing exercises) releases fears and self imposed limitations. Shine the light of compassion on all that frightens you, to find healing and freedom.

Yoga Practises for Healing your Emotional and Mental Bodies


Merge with Maha Shakti, the divine feminine energy and agent for all change. Through Yoga centered on the feminine, coupled with conscious breathing, we learn to be less reactive and more deliberate and aware of our thoughts, words and actions.


A great opportunity for those seeking a quiet refuge and peace of mind. Accommodations are provided in a yogic environment with no meat, no alcohol, loud music, television or radios.

 The Retreat includes: Nourishing and whole food based meals (breakfast & lunch). All workshops and Yoga classes. $3,300 pesos. Over night accommodation is available and rates depend on occupancy and the type of room chosen.

Registration deadline:  Friday, January 25th, 2013

Get a 10% discount if you register before:  Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

The retreat will be given in English, Spanish translation will be available on some parts.


For more information:

Gabriela Morales: 9981634179

Lorrie Conglose,


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